Christian Ethics paper of Medical Marijuana

This paper would require you to do some reading. I would need to review 3 short academic journals and also information from two books( which there are e book I will provide you the log information) I already have a premise for the paper you would need to gather the information and shape the paper around my idea. Which is below:
The general view is that drugs that alter your mood are sinful. Such has Weed, crack and drinking alcohol. My stance is that other prescriptions alter you state of mine “ get you high”. That is exactly what marijuana does. I want to argue for the use of medical weed even if you are a Christian.
. I have included scripture about being sober and basically not getting high for reference for the alternative point of view. I also included links explaining why Christians view weed as a sin. This is just for your general understanding not to be quoted since it is a web site. I have the eBook for the two books that you should be referencing which are Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana — Revised and Updated and Understanding Marijuana : A New Look at the Scientific Evidence
The topic I provided to my professor is listed below:
I plan to present an argument in favor of using marijuana for medical purposes. I plan to explore biblical arguments against the use of marijuana for any purpose. I will also talk about the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes in several states in America.
Personal Interest in Topic
I have battled with the use of marijuana and hemp for medical and recreational purposes. My cousin who has epilepsy and have suffered with debilitating seizures since she was a small child. My view and opinion are indulging in marijuana is a sin, that there it is no way around not labeling it a sin. After hearing that my cousin’s doctor treatment plan recommended giving her THC to control the frequency of her seizures. Now that I am on this journey to discover what I really think about the use of THC to treat people with medical conditions, I don’t know if my opinion will hold up
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