Childhood Stress, Maltreatment, Adverse Childhood Events (ACE)

Childhood Stress, Maltreatment, Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) – I do not need the citation for part 1  just the links you used at the end(provided) Part 2 needs a citation
there are 2 parts 1.5 pages for part one, and half a page for part 2
Part 1 review the link below and answer Questions
      Should you ever hit a child? Do mothers and fathers discipline differently or the same? What if you found your young child playing with matches? Are there cultural or class differences in disciplining? Sometimes children just try our patience and can really push even the most wonderful parent to her wit’s end. How should a parent handle a situation when the child just makes them angry? What is abuse?
    Read and view information about the toll stress takes on children
Part 2 ( I SCORE 1)

Take the ace yourself  ( see two links to test below) and reflect on your score or let someone else complete the quiz and have them reflect on their score (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

What do you think about this topic? How does this fit in with your own world view? Is the world simply a difficult place and its never too early to learn to toughen up?  Did you or people you know have difficult childhoods and they turned out just fine?  Or do you see the effect of not recognizing the influence of childhood stress and feel it is an important issue to address?

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