• Write a blog post on your chosen topic. It should provide a window into the part of pop culture that you’re covering and do so in a unique way that brings your own experiences, perspectives, and interests into the topic.  


  • There is no word limit, per-se, but you should aim for about 750 word or so.Whatever you write should be engaging, insightful, and “connects-the-dots” so to speak between theories/ideas we’ve discussed in the class and your pop-culture observations. Make sure your opening is really good.  You must grab your reader’s interest in the first few sentences. Try to include images, hyperlinks, and/or videos of examples you’re discussing, or links to articles/topics you’re referencing. Overall, I just want really great writing that tells a story and intelligently/critically reflects on aspects of our popular culture in ways that I might not have thought about before.
This blog post has to be about hip hop in the 70s and who and what inspired it