Assignment: The Scope Statement

Assignment: The Scope Statement

Assignment: The Scope Statement

Assignment: The Scope Statement


Week 6 discussion Discussion Prompt 1 Compare and contrast the scope statement and the statement of work. Discussion Prompt 2 In regards to your chosen HIT project, what barriers do you anticipate the project manager will face trying to meet the requirements for the meaningful use stage? Bullet your responses and prioritize them in order of importance, explaining your rationale.

A project scope, or project scope statement, is a tool used to describe the major deliverables of a project including the key milestones, high level requirements, assumptions, and constraints. The project scope statement is a useful tool for future decision making when new change requests are considered to modify the project scope.

It also defines the boundaries of a given project and clarifies what deliverables are in and out of scope. The following sections describe a project scope statement and show you how to use MindView to create a project scope statement.

An effective project scope includes the following items:

  1. The key project objectives
  2. Key deliverables
  3. Key milestones
  4. High level requirements
  5. Assumptions and Exclusions
  6. Any known issues or risk
  7. Stakeholder review and approval

Key Elements

Project scope objectives are the overall objectives that will meet your customers’ needs for the given product, service, or result. Project teams need to understand the project objectives as it provides a rationale for future decision making and enables teams to compare the current status to the original objectives within the project.

In the project scope mind map in Figure 2, the website redesign project had three key objectives including redesigning the current site for better search engine performance, improve product sales and help establish market leadership using a blog platform. Effective project objectives also indicate when the results are to be delivered and with cost estimates.

Project scope deliverables are the expected outputs of the project. Projects are executed to meet certain objectives and the deliverables from the project should support the objectives. It is helpful to conduct a brainstorming session to determine the specific deliverables that will result from the project.

Project scope milestones are zero-duration events that mark progress across the project timeline. In a web site design project, finalizing requirements, procuring web hosting, and finalizing the “look and feel” and launching the site make up the key milestones to measure progress. By identifying milestones, financial costs and project schedules can be better managed.

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