Assignment: Advantages of Personal Philosophy

Assignment: Advantages of Personal Philosophy

Assignment: Advantages of Personal Philosophy

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Week 1 discussion

Topic 1

Personal Philosophy: From your readings about teaching and learning theories, develop and discuss your personal philosophy of teaching in nursing.


Topic 2

Recall a clinical learning experience you enjoyed. Describe the experience and identify specific aspects such as educational setting, motivational strategy, learning theory, and delivery of content (how was the material presented).

Question 2

Question 13

A nurse is doing an admission assessment on a patient who states her illness is a result from a “spell”. The nurse understands that:

convincing the patient that a medical doctor will be able to treat and cure her will be challenging.

discovering pharmaceutical equivalents of the herbal remedies the patient normally uses is not readily available on formulary.

finding a Catholic priest on short notice who is willing to counteract the “hex” will be difficult to find.

determining the correct diagnostic code for “hex” to enter into the CDC paperwork will be difficult to obtain.

Question 14

Many in the Black American community believe in the use of folk medicine practitioners instead of Western medicine practitioners because:

folk medicine clinics are more accessible and are cheaper.

there is a perceived increased level of trust and fairness.

it is required by their religious beliefs.

it is recommended by most insurance companies.

Question 15

The Black American culture has a long tradition for the promotion of health and prevention of illness, which relies on their folk medicine. As a result, this can lead to a negative consequences including:

Not enough money contributed to the modern healthcare system.

A delay in seeking treatment with increased severity at diagnosis

Insufficient disease prevention care

B and C only

Question 16

The number of people living in the U.S. has grown from about 5 million to more than 300 million since the 1800s. At that time Blacks made up 20 percent of the U.S. population however today they make up approximately 13 percent of the total population. From this information we can determine that the black population:

has stayed the same relative to the overall population but decreased overall.

has decreased as a percentage of the population but increased overall.

has increased as a percentage of the population but decreased overall.

stayed relatively the same as the population has grown.

Question 17

A patient from the Hispanic/Latino culture is anxious and fearful of upcoming surgery and a possible cancer diagnosis. Applying what you know about the Hispanic/Latino culture, what nursing considerations do you recognize for this culture group when implementing a plan of care?

Ask the patient about his/her spiritual or religious beliefs and incorporate beliefs in plan of care (if not contraindicated).

Avoid family inclusion in the treatment plan, as it will promote noncompliance of treatment.

Assess the need for pain medication less frequently as Hispanic/Latinos have a higher pain threshold.

A & C only

Question 18

The largest population of undocumented aliens from Hispanic/Latinos origin currently living in the United States originate from:

Puerto Rico




Question 19

Which of the following cultures views health and illness with a synergistic point of view through the continuum of the mind, body and spirit?

African American


White American

Eastern European

Question 20

The largest minority group in the United States is:




African American

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