Assess the environment

Assignment Overview: For this assignment, youll narrow the environment down by identifying an industry that interests you. This will help to not be looking at the entire world when assessing the environment but rather looking at a specific area. This enables you to be focused and targeted. This week you are only assessing; next week you will dissect it for opportunity.

Assignment Directions: Using the videos from the readings for this week, identify an environment/industry of interest; label it as product or service. Next, within that area, draw a conclusion on the state of that environment/industry by explaining the your assessment of the following questions:
Is it trending down/up? Why? (Whats driving the trend?)
Does it have easy entry and exit?
How much knowledge do you have for this environment/industry?
If you lack knowledge, how will you obtain that knowledge?
What do consumers want from this environment/industry?
Include your APA citations and bibliography.

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