Please see the attached documents ( survey results) and than answer these questions accordingly. 

(1) What did the survey reveal about your learning styles preferences? Provide the number of tallies you received for each intelligence and describe your propensity for a specific learning styles preference. 
(2) How does the survey results manifest in your daily life and your learning an new skill or content?  Does the survey reveal what you believe is your learning style preference? What type of instruction would have benefited you when you were in school or today, now that you are in graduate school.
(3) How does your preference impact your relationship, communication style, or propensity toward students you teach? 
(4) How can you use this information for instructional purposes?

note :

  •  It is expected that you will write a 1 to 3 page scholarly journal article answering the questions and using the information from the papers to support your ideas; please support your ideas with theoretical rationales. 
  • Please make sure that you have the appropriate citations and a reference section: APA citation style is used for scholarly educational papers