Analysis and Summary of an Article

Article Chosen: John C. Courtney, The Selection of National Party Leaders in Canada, Toronto, Macmillian, 1973
New Edition: (Mcgill-Queen’s University Press 1995)

Introduction :

Primary Idea of the text we are analysing
Angle of the analysis
Definition of certain concepts used throughout the paper
Display the structure of your paper

Summary of the text

At least one citation per paragraph

Analysis of the text

-Make a link to the present
-When was the text published, is the situation the same today? Is the text still relevant? are there other issues that should be adressed considering the today’s climate. Compare the events occuring in the text to another event occuring somewhere else in the world

Conclusion :

Re summarise the main idea of the text
sumarrise your analysis and critique
Closing statement

1200 1500 mots
Numbered pages
Chicago style

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