An Interview with Queen Latifah

An Interview with Queen Latifah
1. What got you interested in taking this course on confidence?
It was a required class to take and I am a huge fan of Queen Latifah . Anything involving her I’m more than interested in taking . She’s definitely the definition of confidence.
2. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence to me means to believe you can do the impossible when everyone keeps telling you you can’t. It’s believing highly of yourself.
3. Why is confidence an essential skill for career success?
Working in the justice department you definitely need all the confidence you can get . You can’t doubt yourself when you’re investigating and possibly putting someone away for some time.
4. Think about someone in your life or at your job that has a lot of confidence in their career. Tell us a little bit about who they are and what kind of work they do.
Mr. Greg is my store manager . When I say he’s very confidence in his role as a store manager , he is . He makes me want to have that same drive as him . Can’t nobody tell him nothing because he sees the possible out of the impossible .
5. How does Mr.Greg demonstrate CONFIDENCE at work?
Mr.Greg comes to work on time every single day and has never missed a day . He’s devoted to his job and he knows he’s a boss. Literally , a boss. He handle everything himself and he carry himself so well . You wouldn’t think he’s over 200 employees because he has confidence in his store and employees. If the store gets a pop up inspection ,Mr.Greg , with no worries tell us we passed before they even get started .
6. Now, give me an example of how Mr.Greg USES that confidence to solve problems, set challenging goals, or cope with setbacks.
Mr. Greg always tell us as his employees to take 10 steps ahead in life . It’s no problem that can’t be solved and if we can’t get the problem solved he will solved that problem himself . He uses his strategies to persuade us that we can solve anything .
7. Based on what you learned THIS WEEK, what kind of VALUES do you think Mr.Greg has?
I think Mr. Greg has genuine values . I think his main values are respect, love, and health.
8. How do you think Mr.Greg’s values AND confidence power their success?
His mind set is in the right direction. He’s confident in everything he do because he use his values to determine the outcome of any situation he’s ever in.
9. Tell us how YOU plan to follow in Mr.Greg’s footsteps by using your confidence in your own life and career.
I would use Mr. Greg as an example of how I want to work in my career but I will walk in my own footsteps. I will be genuine like Mr. Greg and treat others how I want to be treated.
Queen Latifah uses her star power to share her thoughts, messages, and confidence through radio, magazine, and television interviews. Now it’s your turn to get interviewed by the queen!
For this assignment, Queen Latifah has recorded a series of video questions to help you reflect on what confidence is, why you need it, and why it’s an essential skill for your career. You’ll also get a chance to discuss someone in your own life who demonstrates confidence and explain how it has impacted their career success!
In this assignment, you will…
● Explain what confidence is and why it is an essential skill for career development.
● Explain how someone in your life demonstrates confidence.
● Explain how confidence has had an impact on the success of that person.
● Reflect on what you’ve learned from the person in your life who demonstrates confidence.
Follow the instructions below to get started on your interview with the queen!
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