This is my wrote: From the onset of this course to the end, I have learned a lot about designing space, gaining the ability to create a story about space while conceptualizing the future ideas with adaptive learning being a major consideration. Utilizing this knowledge on space, I would incorporate future ideas on modern university mixed-use facility that can accommodate numerous functions of an institution of higher learning. The course also has taught me how to work hard with collaborators and strive for healthy competition with zeal, striving to compete healthy with competitors while exhibiting resilience and determination. 

This is my friend wrote: Through this course, I learned a not only about designing  space  but I also learned how I can make stories about space to conceptualize the future of mixed-use building. I learned how to create an urban university that integrates the multiple functions associated with a higher education campus while considering adaptive learning. I learned how I can work  with groups to compete with subscribers or companies and create a spirit of determination, which will be helpful when I work for a company in the future. 

My professor told me is the same thing, may I have someone to change my write to be different