a research writing project of leadership 1

Our group topic is “Maximizing the potential of the trait to increase the leadership’s ability”. This means that if we can train people to be smarter, self-confidence,…, they can become a better leader.

My group has two people to write the paper and  I need to interview four different kinds of leader and do some survey(the survey  include 20 questions that you can think by yourself ,it focus on importance of the foreign language proficiency and  cultural awareness to influence the efficiency of leadership,you need consider the big five personality factors at the same time).

I just need 4 pages that will all focus on the survey:

Interview Method Description: This section of your research paper should describe your interview participants (no names or other identifying information), the questions asked in the interviews, the participants’ responses to the interview questions, and the themes/concepts that emerged from the interviews. 

Incorporate Interview Data into Theory and Hypotheses: Once your interviews are completed, you will distill the most interesting themes from your interviews and convert those into specific predictions that can be tested with data. Hypotheses can focus on the concepts in this course, but (again) should go beyond these concepts as well. Feel free to focus on the concepts that interest you or your team. Incorporate your interview data into your Leadership Theory. Explicitly show the changes you made to your original Leadership Theory based on the interviews. Express your theory in diagram form.

And one more important information:you can image your interview participants by your own experience and think about the most key point  questions of survey that will helpful to analysis and prove the importance of the foreign language proficiency and  cultural awareness to influence the efficiency of leadership.

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